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spreading the word about Eureca

ProMálaga, VAF and SFA have been working intensively on building relationships at European level and organized informative meetings with Creative Europe, Eurimages and the Audiovisual Observatory where we presented our plans and the possibility of embedding EURECA in the framework of their focus on lowering the amount of CO2 in audiovisual industry. 

Due to the importance of the EU Green Deal, sustainability will be a criteria for the eligibility and evaluation of audiovisual projects within the Creative Europe programme, recently launched by the European Union. Policy makers have also been influenced by this current trend are taking it into account to promote a more sustainable production of audiovisual industries. 

Moreover, our team is continuously updating relevant institutions about the progress of EURECA’s development through participation within networks, e.g. EUFCN (European Film Commission Network), Cine Regio and the recently established Green Group of the EFADs (European Film Agency Directors’ Association).  

Establishing close relationships with these Institutions and networks has the potential to influence key European agencies and to help industry bodies and productions beyond the Green Screen partnership itself with their sustainability journey!

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