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database or the nerdy side of Eureca

Eureca will be unique as an eco-calculator: built specifically for audiovisual productions and combining not only production-specific knowledge, but also scientific experience. In order for Eureca to be a useful tool for audiovisual productions, the underlying database needs to be accurate and relevant. And that is where the experts step in!

In close cooperation with the Catholic University of Leuven and with our partners from the audiovisual industry, we developed a detailed database that covers all relevant domains. 

This is a detailed but important task: a complete list of practical logistic choices makes or breaks the usefulness of Eureca.

Part of the ‘scientific’ approach consists of comparing regional impacts with a European average impact. Using the EU data as much as possible will be the strength of Eureca at EU level.

Some processes are specific for the audiovisual industry and need further exploration. Experts Benoit Ruiz and Cedric Lejeune from ‘Workflowers’ bring their expertise to the Eureca project. We are combining both the input of Workflowers and the Catholic university of Leuven into one overall database.

But it does not stop there. What about the impact of virtual productions? And the use of Cloud storage? Additional research and better understanding of environmental impact is crucial. Where relevant, master students will dig deeper in specific fields (like drink water on set, set decoration and costume design). 

Once Eureca is functioning, we will test the accuracy and user friendliness of the tool. A sensitivity analysis will also help us to understand the relative importance of productional choices. This will help us to balance between ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to have’ information.

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