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what is Eureca?

Eureca (European Environmental Calculator) is an instrument that helps the audiovisual industry to better understand and evaluate the environmental impact of their filming as well as to make their production processes more sustainable. Eureca is a pilot project emerging from the European project Green Screen, financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Detailed information can be found here More info

Eureca is focused not only on measuring but also on raising awareness and learning from this experience. The purpose of Eureca is to develop a uniform European instrument so that it can be used by any type of audiovisual production in any country in Europe. It has been created in close partnership with producers, scientists and sustainability experts. It has been designed with the involvement of the audiovisual industry, which has been involved in its creation, improvement and implementation.

For that reason, Eureca is a tailor-made tool for all types of audiovisual productions. It is the instrument of preference for producers, line producers, eco-managers and heads of departments. In addition to being useful for the production companies, the funding institutions at the European, national and regional levels can use Eureca as a valuable tool for certification and reporting as well as a basis for implementing and fostering sustainability promotion strategies.


making better choices

Using Eureca you will get a better understanding of the environmental impact of:

The transport of goods and people. What is the impact of different kinds of rental cars, mini-buses, public transport and planes?

How to provide energy on set? Can you source renewable energy or connect it to the main grid? And what are the emissions of different generators?

How to prevent waste and material use? What is the impact of the material flows in and out of your production? How effective are reuse and second-hand in comparison to new products? What is the carbon impact of set construction, costumes and paint?

Is a vegetarian meal more sustainable than a traditional diet based on fish or meat? Is a reusable cup much better than a recyclable cup?

When is staying overnight in a hotel room more sustainable than commuting to the set?

’We will solve it in post-production’, is often said. But how much of your environmental impact is related to these digital processes?

Eureca will


It not only focuses on evaluating/reporting on emissions but also on helping audiovisual companies to make the decisions during their planning to make their filming more sustainable.


It is uniform and consistent at the European level, using reliable conversion factors based on a database developed by sustainability experts. Where needed, regional impacts will be taken into account.


Facilitates the consolidation of data from different productions at regional, national and European levels.


It is intuitive and easy to use. It has an affordable cost of use.